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Compilation of Recommendations


Short Title

Rec. 10: Professionalise data science and data stewardship roles and train researchers

Source Documnent

Turning FAIR into reality: Final report and action plan from the European Commission expert group on FAIR data

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Publishing Organisation

European Commision

Date of Publication



Capacity building/ incentivisation, Sustainability/ funding/ business-model

Addressed Stakeholders

data stewards, institutions, research funders, coordination fora


capacity, training, education


Steps need to be taken to develop two cohorts of professionals to support FAIR data: data scientists embedded in research projects, and data stewards who will ensure the management and curation of FAIR data. All researchers also need a foundational level of data skills. Action 10.1: Key data roles need to be recognised and rewarded, in particular, the data scientists who will assist research design and data analysis, visualisation and modelling; and data stewards who will inform the process of data curation and take responsibility for data management. Action 10.2: Formal career pathways must be implemented to demonstrate the value of these roles and retain such professionalised roles in support of research teams. Action 10.3: Professional bodies for these roles should be created, consolidated when they exist, and promoted. Accreditation should be developed for training and qualifications for these roles. Action 10.4: Data skills, including an appropriate foundational level in data science and data stewardship, should be included in undergraduate and postgraduate training across disciplines, and in the provision of continuing professional development (CPD) credits for researchers.