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Compilation of Recommendations


Short Title

RDA-A1-03D: Data identifier resolves to a digital object

Source Documnent

FAIR Data Maturity Model, Specification and Guidelines 2020

Source Document Link


Publishing Organisation

RDA FAIR Data Maturity Model WG

Date of Publication



Access/ integration

Addressed Stakeholders

data service providers, data stewards


data, digital object


This indicator is about the resolution of the identifier that identifies the digital object. The identifier assigned to the data should be associated with a formally def ined retrieval/resolution mechanism that enables access to the digital object or provides access instructions f or access in the case of human-mediated access. The FAIR principle and this indicator do not say anything about the mutability or immutability of the digital object that is identif ied by the data identifier -- this is an aspect that should be governed by a persistence policy of the data provider.