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FsF-R1.1-01M Metadata includes license information under which data can be reused.

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FAIRsFAIR Data Object Assessment Metrics

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data service providers, research community, data stewards


metadata, licences, reuse, rights, legal


This metric evaluates if data is associated with a license because otherwise users cannot reuse it in a clear legal context. We encourage the application of licenses for all kinds of data whether public, restricted or for specific users. Without an explicit license, users do not have a clear idea of what can be done with your data. Licenses can be of standard type (Creative Commons, Open Data Commons Open Database License) or bespoke licenses, and rights statements which indicate the conditions under which data can be reused. It is highly recommended to use a standard, machine-readable license such that it can be interpreted by machines and humans. In order to inform users about what rights they have to use a dataset, the license information should be specified as part of the dataset's metadata.